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We’ve seen sex workers go through some of the hardest times ever since SESTA-FOSTA was signed. There’s no denying that the sex work scene has changed drastically within the past year. SESTA-FOSTA has affected the entire community, but it has also made all of us stronger and more resilient as we evolve.

Since the downfall of Backpage, LeoList and Humpchies, several copycat websites have popped up, but all fail to offer the necessary improvements the entire community are waiting for. These copycats don’t understand that Backpage – though great in it’s time, is now nothing more than a fossil. Some even know this, but are still holding on to their “Blockbuster”; When really, we “Netflix” now.

What’s that mean exactly? Innovation and security need to be taken to a whole ‘notha level. You know the advancements and improvements we have had these past 10 years? Well, we now also have SESTA-FOSTA, we have law enforcement getting smarter and even arranging stings on these sites — yes, even the ones that claim to help protect you. That’s all fine and dandy, unless you become part of the hundreds of thousands arrested yearly related to prostitution.

That’s where we come in; Unseen’s mission is to offer a beautiful safer experience, by bringing forth a new unique screening system to help the fight against SESTA-FOSTA. Our platform is free-to-use even for providers whilst also offering daily rewards — allowing any provider to use our site without the limiting restrictions you get with other free sites. We’re currently a functional open BETA, but registration is open to the public. You can sign up here to be part of our growing community.

Many have tried to simply copy Backpage to assume its traffic and revenue. Sites like YesBackpage or Bedpage outright lie and even go as far as claim they are the real replacement. Yes, they are using a similar system to Backpage and even a similar name they ripped off – but a quick Google and you’ll see the many scam warnings and other problems users have experienced. You have providers such as Phoenixx or clients such as Mr. Wilcox being openly disrespected and brushed off because they think they can. Sites like these should be avoided and boycotted from the community and all Montreal Escorts.

These copycat Backpage websites don’t care about your’s or any of their user’s safety. They just want your traffic, your unique hit; Making them even more money. They know and ignore the fact that this flawed system will continue to assist law enforcement in their stings. You can sign up here.

Here at Yuplist, we truly believe things have to change in order to move forward. Sometimes it sucks, but most of the time it’s necessary for evolution. This isn’t reviving of Toys ‘R’ Us. Blockbuster is dead. We are the true emerging successor to Backpage. This is the best Backpage alternative ever.

Help spread the word, tell your friends, clients, providers and even sign up today. Come be a part of a new brighter community.

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