Tips to make perfect escort ads

September is around the corner, here some new tips to make  the perfect escort ads to get clients,

Dear escorts in canada here is how get more views and attract clients. Foe the past couple months, we introduced you to the best escorts keywords to use in your text,how to create original adult content that sets you apart from the rest,How to increase readability,and how to make yourself approchable to clients .

In this post we will talk the subject of photos.These are, after all one of the best ways to make your clients count increase by much more. 

Using your smart phone...

If you are new in the adult industry entertainement who cant afford a professional photographer.Your smart phone will work just as well,But make sure its capable of taking high=end quality pics.Borrow your friends phone if yours in not up to task.

No one likes blurry photos, especially and ladies looking for a gorgeaous women or gentlemen to spend time whit.


After you are done snapping a couple of pics, tweak them whit the lattest apps. Just dont make yourself seem like a completly different person that you are in real life. Our recommendations is to stay away filter such as cat ears,dog tongues and anything else that is too over the top.WE know you want to seem cute and sweet,but many escorts clients, will find it way too sugary for their tastes. Keeo it professional,that of course,dosent mean you should use a top and a long skirt only.No yopu, can snap photos of you in sensual underwaer, just dont be too vulgar about it,Also be sure to have a clean background,Aka a clean room visible behind you,Dont take pics in a dirty toilet or a messy hallway, trust me its better . Wnt to blur your face a little because your not comfortable showing it to the whole world.. do it 




You wan a professional escorts photographer ,In this day of age there are lots of professionals Adult photographers to choose from around canada 


Search for one whit the best references or ask a friend for recommendations,After you find someone suited to you needs and who makes comfortable in your own skin, you will have the best pics for your escort website or your favorite escorts directory Yuplist haha, 


Professional photograĥers know how to make you shine by working your best angles. If you dont want your face to be visible, you tell them about it , and they will use professional blurring tools,

Maybe you could pose in a luxurious place, or at the beach or somewhere else , talk to the escort photographer about it and your ideas ,Based on your personality and what you want to communicate yhrough your photos, they will organize  a high end quality sessions i am sure.Use you best lingerie swimwear, dresses and so on .


Act super natural,smile,and follow the indecations .that imight annoy you at first, but escort photographers knows what is best and what works and what dosent work.


Change you pics often, Did you dye your hair recently to a different colors, did you go through cosmetic surgeries since creating your escort ads or website, 

Take photos and upload them on all your social media not only on you blog 


If you didint do any of the above and pics are say ten month old we recommend working on some new ones.We all go through changes and its only fair to present and future clients to know how you look like now not how you looked 10 months ago haha



Special occasions ask for special oufits valentines day is all about red sexy lingerie and stilettoes Christmas eve ask for a hot mrs santa getup that will titillate the imagination of your viewers , and so on, Mark you calendar and upgrade your wardrobe whit the most sensual outfits you can think of for that holiday,then snap some photos,Put your best assests under the lens and you can bet that  visitor and new clients count will soar through the roof .



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